Mental Health Support Services

Restoration Wellness, LLC is a registered certified Peer Support Specialist by Health & Welfare of Idaho.

We are trauma informed.

Peer Support is a helping relationship between mental health clients and Certified Peer Support Specialists. The primary responsibility of Certified Peer Support Specialists is to help those they serve achieve self-directed recovery. They believe that every individual has strengths and the ability to learn and grow. Certified peer support specialists (CPSSs) are committed to providing and advocating for effective recovery-based services for the people they serve in order for these individuals to meet their own needs, desires, and goals.

As Certified peer support specialists (CPSSs) we will be working with peers who have experienced trauma in many forms. Trauma-informed peer support pay attention to what is going on in a peer’s life and understands that many of the challenges peers are facing are responses to adverse situations and events. These events sometimes are from the past, oftentimes in the here and now. Trauma-informed peer support changes the question from “What is wrong with you?” to “What’s happened to you?”

Peer Specialists must become acquainted with peers from a strengths-based perspective and focus attention on peer’s abilities rather than shortcomings, symptoms or difficulties. Strengths can be found in every aspect of a peer’s life. Everything is either a strength or an unmet need.

Peer support is provided by individuals who have personal lived experience with mental health challenges. Certified peer support specialists (CPSSs) offer their peers encouragement, hope, and understanding to support their mental health recovery journey by sharing their own story of recovery. It’s a powerful form of support that’s based on the belief that recovery is possible for everyone. Peer support focuses on strengths, recovery goals, empathy, and building trust. It helps eliminate the “you don’t know what it’s like” feeling that many people receiving mental health services may be experiencing.

Certified peer support specialists (CPSSs) have experienced the mental health recovery process firsthand and truly understand its challenges. This gives them the ability to establish safety, offer feedback, and role model recovery for their peers. They know what it’s like to live with mental health challenges and overcome the confusion, loss, and grief that often results. Because of this, CPSSs can be integral to a person’s healing process by offering consistency and support during their journey. The inclusion of peer support in the behavioral health system promotes recovery for all.

Inquire within if these services may be of interest to you or someone you know. Working with adults to communicate their needs, identify strengths, identify their natural supports, learn about their rights and how to exercise them. Learning to use our voice is vital to recovery, as well as knowing resources in our local areas. We work to establish these resources, brainstorm and planning for a strong healing foundation.

This service is covered by insurance and Medicaid in 34 states.

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